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Tax law is difficult for many to understand. When you need an Oklahoma City tax litigation attorney, contact Hutton Tax Solutions. Call us for info and advice.

Oklahoma City Tax Litigation Lawyer

An Oklahoma City tax litigation lawyer is responsible for handling cases in which the IRS has accused an individual or company of failing to pay their tax debts. Tax law is a complicated and often confusing subject. It is also constantly changing and evolving. When tax controversies arise, it can be difficult to know what to do.

When a person is levied with taxes by the IRS, an attorney is needed to argue and negotiate on their behalf to potentially reduce their taxes. If you are struggling with back taxes or tax liens, sympathetic tax professionals understand the stress and pressure you may be experiencing. Attorneys from Hutton Tax Solutions have the tax litigation skill and experience to help you arrange an IRS payment plan.

What Is Tax Controversy and Litigation?

Typically, tax controversy and litigation occur when taxpayers disagree on how much tax they should pay or whether certain deductions should or should not be made.

Tax controversies can also happen when the taxpayer disagrees with how the IRS has assessed their return for the following:

  • Additional taxes

  • Penalties

  • Interest

Tax litigation usually occurs in Oklahoma City, OK, when the taxpayer has appealed an assessment in Tax Court or the IRS has filed a suit against the taxpayer in Federal District Court. When you have unpaid taxes, Oklahoma City tax attorneys may be able to help.

What Types of Tax Can an Oklahoma City Tax Attorney Help With?

Understanding the different types of taxes one might face is important for individuals and businesses to stay compliant with the law. Understanding the different types of taxes the IRS collects can be daunting, but it is an integral part of managing your finances. An Oklahoma City attorney can help you with a variety of taxes that citizens and businesses must pay.

There are several different IRS taxes that primarily consist of the following:

  • Income tax

  • Self-employment tax

  • Payroll taxes

Each type of tax has its own rules and regulations that you must observe in order to stay compliant and knowing the differences between these taxes can help you maximize deductions and ensure that you’re paying only what is necessary.

If you need to negotiate and settle your unpaid taxes, you might consider speaking with a tax attorney from Oklahoma City. A tax law lawyer can explain the applicable laws and help you determine how to handle your tax debt.

What Happens If You Don’t Pay Taxes in Oklahoma City, OK?

You might not pay taxes for many reasons, but the consequences of not paying will always be the same. If you owe federal taxes, you must pay them immediately or face the consequences.

Failure to pay taxes can result in penalties of around 3% of the unpaid tax liability per month. The penalty will be compounded monthly until it reaches 25%. Additionally, the delinquent taxpayer may face a tax lien on their accounts or property.

To avoid repercussions and reduce your tax problems, consider contacting the tax professionals from Hutton Tax Solutions for an initial consultation. They may be able to help with your tax resolution.


Common Tax Litigation Repercussions in Oklahoma City

Tax litigation can be a complicated process. Many different types of tax litigation repercussions can happen to someone who is involved in a tax dispute. Some of the more common ones are:

  • Tax penalties

  • Higher taxes

  • More complicated filing procedures

  • Collection actions by the IRS or state agencies

A qualified attorney from a reputable Oklahoma City law firm can help if you need to settle your back taxes through litigation. Call Hutton Tax Solutions to schedule a free consultation.

Tax Attorney vs. Certified Public Accountant: Which Is Better?

Tax laws are complicated and confusing. This is why it is important to understand the differences between a tax lawyer and an accountant.

While both professions can help file taxes, a tax lawyer provides legal advice on navigating complex tax laws. An accountant merely offers financial guidance on financial matters such as budgeting and investments.

You could turn to a Certified Public Accountant (CPA) for services such as accounting and tax preparation. If, on the other hand, you need help with an IRS dispute or have legal issues related to taxes, it’s better to reach out to a tax attorney.

Need Tax Assistance? Call a Tax Litigation Attorneys Now!

If you are involved in a lawsuit, it is crucial to understand what a tax litigation attorney from Hutton Tax Solutions can do for your case.

In addition to general tax issues, seasoned tax lawyers at Huttong Tax Solutions could assist with the following:

  • IRS tax relief

  • Tax planning

  • Tax preparation

During your free initial consultation, you can discuss your situation with a tax attorney from Hutton Tax Solutions and determine your legal options. Call us now to schedule your free consultation.

Frequently Asked Questions

The following are some of the common questions that arise when it comes to taxes. Consulting with an experienced tax attorney could provide additional information.

How Long Can the IRS Collect Back Taxes?

Generally, the IRS can collect back taxes for ten years. After ten years, if the taxpayer has not filed a tax return, they are considered “tax lost,” and the state will no longer be able to collect more taxes from them.


Does the IRS Have a Fresh Start Program?

In 2011, the IRS created the Fresh Start program to provide support and relief to taxpayers who were struggling. To enhance the benefits it offers to taxpayers, the IRS has widened its Offer-in-Compromise program, thus allowing more people to access it and get favorable terms.

The program offers a number of options for taxpayers, including:

  • Payment plans
  • Reduced penalties and interest rates
  • Tax settlement for less than what is owed

It’s essential to understand the details of the program and its requirements in order to determine if you qualify.

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