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Led by the top tax attorneys in Oklahoma City, Hutton Tax Solutions provides individuals, families, and business owners with affordable and efficient solutions to their IRS back tax problems.

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Professional service with great response! I would recommend Hutton Tax Solutions to anyone before other big shops that I’ve worked with in the past. Thanks Kristin!…


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— Blake F.

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Kristin and Justin were amazing, they were very responsive and informative on our tax issue and were able to resolve our issue in far less time than expected…highly recommend you give them a call…


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— Kristin B.

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An Exceptional Federal/IRS tax resolution law firm…very high integrity…exceeded my expectations, and produced the needed results much faster than I had anticipated…


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— Terry Z.

We Are Different Than Other Tax Resolution Firms

We are experienced Oklahoma City tax attorneys that have been practicing exclusively in tax law for over a decade.

Unlike most other tax resolution firms, when you meet with us for your free consultation you’ll meet with a tax attorney that works cases daily, not a salesperson. When you retain us, you’ll work exclusively with a tax attorney, not an assistant.

At Hutton Tax Solutions, we prioritize one thing and one thing only, and that’s you.

Services Provided by Our Oklahoma City Tax Attorney 

Whether you’re an individual or a business owner, tax problems can impact nearly every aspect of your life. Allow our trusted Oklahoma tax resolution lawyers to aggressively advocate on your behalf and put your IRS nightmare behind you for good.

We offer the following services:
(more detailed information on each service can be found on our Services page)

IRS Compliance

IRS Resolution

IRS Resolution

IRS Levy/Garnishment

IRS Lien
IRS Penalty

IRS Audit

IRS Revenue Officer

IRS Appeals

IRS Innocent Spouse

Active IRS Collections Case

Negotiating Back Taxes
With The IRS
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Want a Local Oklahoma City IRS Tax Resolution Firm to Resolve Your IRS Tax Debt?

It can easily happen by accident.

Maybe you didn’t withhold enough tax from your paycheck in the past. Maybe you came into some money, spent it, and didn’t realize that a large amount of it was owed to the IRS for taxes. Maybe you were audited and realized that you forgot to include some of your income on your tax return. Maybe you didn’t get around to filing your tax returns for a few years and now they’re filed all with balances owed for each year. Maybe you simply couldn’t pay the amount due one year and then it compounded into multiple years. Or maybe your business withheld taxes from your employees and didn’t get around to sending it to the IRS.

Whatever the reason is, you now owe a large IRS back tax debt that you cannot afford and are not sure what to do.

If your IRS tax debt has been piling up for a while, it can be overwhelming and highly stressful. You might feel stuck or frozen, not even knowing where to start, or how you are going to get out of your situation, and therefore you just keep putting it off. But the worst thing you can do is nothing. The IRS penalties and interest will just keep adding up, sinking you further and further into trouble. Even worse, the IRS collection notices and actions will quickly begin and start threatening your accounts with IRS levies and your assets with IRS federal tax liens.

There are countless ways to get into a nightmare situation with the IRS, but no matter the circumstance, know that you have options. You should start working to resolve your IRS tax debt quickly before it spirals further out of control.

With help from an experienced tax lawyer at Hutton Tax Solutions, you can quickly begin the process of putting an end to your IRS tax debt, start mitigating the potential consequences of not acting quickly on IRS collections notices, and get back to your life and what matters more to you. And when you do so, you’ll have confidence knowing that you have an experienced tax attorney working for you and your best interests ensuring that it’s all put behind you quickly, and for good, so that you never have to worry about your IRS tax debt again.

Let Our Local Oklahoma City Tax Attorneys Fight the IRS For You

With extensive experience in the IRS tax resolution field, Hutton Tax Solutions is the name you can count on when you need assistance from a skilled Oklahoma tax lawyer. Throughout the years, we have dealt with a wide range of IRS tax issues in Oklahoma, and we are dedicated to offering unmatched personal attention, superior service, and measurable results.

At Hutton Tax Solutions, we put transparency and integrity above all else. Boasting large-firm experience with small-firm qualities, our firm offers unique value to those who turn to us. Instead of continuing to struggle with your tax problems, let Hutton Tax Solutions find the right tax resolution option for your needs.

Call us today at (405) 494-2848 or contact us online to schedule a free consultation with an experienced and local Oklahoma IRS tax attorney. We look forward to putting your IRS nightmare behind you once and for all!

Why Clients in Oklahoma City Trust Hutton Tax Solutions

The Internal Revenue Service has some very basic programs to try assist taxpayers with unresolved tax debts. However, these programs are the bare minimum. The people assisting you work for the IRS and are paid to collect from you and therefore do not have your best interests in mind. Trying to use these programs will oftentimes cause further headaches and damage to your situation.

Tax laws are constantly changing and can be hard to understand, so you need someone on your side who knows what they are doing. Make sure you retain a tax lawyer who can assist you with all potential tax matters, from determining your tax liability, resolving a tax lien, to removing a garnishment or negotiating with the IRS on your behalf and helping you through IRS Tax Court.

That’s where an Oklahoma City tax resolution lawyer can help. An experienced IRS tax attorney can fully evaluate your circumstances, determine the most effective long-term resolution, and work on your behalf to quickly implement a resolution to resolve your IRS back tax issues.

At Hutton Tax Solutions, we have the expertise and resources necessary to guide you through each step of the tax resolution process. With so much on the line, we know how important your tax resolution case is to you. We’ll work one-on-one with you to ensure that you’re well-informed on the status of your case, beginning with a thorough explanation of your tax resolution options. Our dedicated Oklahoma City tax lawyers will have only your best interests in mind.

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Kristen was on top of it and got all that we need done before the deadline. I can say I will definitely use Hutton Tax Solutions again whenever I need them.

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— Chris M.

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From my first contact…I felt relief and confidence that my tax issues could be resolved with their expertise. They answered every question and offered valuable advice…I am extremely satisfied…

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— Jennifer L.

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I highly recommend them! They kept us updated on every step. Every thing was explained really well.

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— Susan B.