Services We Offer

IRS Compliance Review

Not sure what all is going on with your IRS tax issues and don’t even know where to start? Our IRS Compliance Review will give you a precise understanding of what all is going on and what all needs to be addressed.

IRS Resolution Analysis

Want to know what IRS tax resolution options you even have available to you in order to address your IRS back taxes? Our IRS Resolution Analysis will give you just that. Through a detailed review of your financial situation we can determine if you qualify for an Offer-in-Compromise (Settlement), Non-Collectible Status (Hardship), or a Payment Plan (Installment Agreement, IRS Fresh Start Program, etc.), along with providing our advice on what’s best for your situation.

IRS Resolution Negotiation

Want an experienced and aggressive tax attorney advocating on your behalf before the IRS to setup the best possible resolution for you? That’s exactly what you get through our IRS Resolution Negotiation service as we will ensure the best possible outcome is secured. You will have peace of mind knowing that you secured the best resolution possible for your situation.

IRS Levy/Garnishment Assistance

Have numerous IRS notices threatening garnishment actions on your wages, bank accounts, etc. and not sure how to act quickly to ensure they don’t follow through? Or worse, do you have a current ongoing levy? Through our various methods of IRS Levy/Garnishment Assistance, we can assist by taking steps to prevent the IRS from acting on those levy threats, or taking steps to get current levies released quickly.


IRS Lien Assistance

Has the IRS filed federal tax liens on your property that are now hindering your ability to take a certain action and not sure what options you have available? Our IRS Lien Assistance will analyze your situation and advise you of all of your options, along with our recommendations, in order to quickly address any IRS filed liens on your property.

IRS Penalty Abatements

Do you have IRS penalites racking up and want assistance in getting some of them reduced or abated? Through our IRS Penalty Abatement strategies, we can review your IRS file and determine if you qualify for any abatements and negotiate a reduction in these penalties.

IRS Audit Representation

Is the IRS sending you correspondence questioning the accuracy of your previously submitted information, or tax return, threatening to open up an audit? Or worse, has the IRS already opened up an audit? Our IRS Audit Representation can assist you in both of these situations by analyzing the information that you provided, along with what the IRS is questioning, and advising you how best to proceed.


IRS Revenue Officer Representation

Do you have an IRS Revenue Officer assigned to your tax liability and want an experienced tax attorney to represent you and guide you through their aggressive and intimidating methods to ensure they don’t take advantage of you? With our all-inclusive IRS Revenue Officer Representation, you will have a tax attorney in your corner every step of the way making the process significantly less stressful and when resolved giving you the peace of mind knowing that you secured the best possible resolution that you could have. Let us provide you the IRS tax help you deserve!

IRS Appeals Representation

Do you have numerous IRS notices coming in threatening aggressive levy actions or tax liens and not sure what your rights are? Through our IRS Appeals Representation, we understand your rights and will strategically file for appeals on these IRS notices protecting you from some of the threatened levies and at the same time negotiating a favorable resolution on your behalf.


IRS Innocent Spouse Representation

Are you in a situation where a tax return was filed without you having full knowledge of all of the applicable information due to it being withheld from you in some fashion by your spouse and now there is an IRS balance due that you feel you shouldn’t be held fully responsible for? Or maybe a situation similar to this? Our IRS Innocent Spouse Representation can analyze the situation and determine if you would be a good candidate for an Innocent Spouse filing, and if so, our attorneys would then prepare and file it on your behalf.

Active IRS Collections Case Monitoring

Do you have numerous confusing IRS notices coming in and not sure which ones you should act upon, or how to do so? Through our Active IRS Collections Case Monitoring, we will review all IRS notices sent to you and act upon those that need it, giving you peace of mind that you have a tax attorney in your corner watching out for you so that you’re well-informed and have proactive IRS tax help on anything needing addressed.

Negotiating Back Taxes With IRS

Have you ever been indebted to the Internal Revenue Service? The good news is that you can negotiate outstanding tax liability with the IRS. Keep reading to learn more!